My Story

About 3-4 years ago I found myself in a place, healthwise, I really didn’t like. I had given birth to my son months before, and it felt like everything fell apart. I was in pain constantly, exhausted all the time, brain fog, female issues, and never felt good. As Reagan got older it all seemed to get worse. He would wake me up in the mornings, I’d get myself out of bed, only to go lay on the couch. I had absolutely no energy. I dreaded having to be social because I felt like I couldn’t keep my train of thought long enough to have a normal conversation. I just felt bad. There were times that it got better.. I would eat cleaner, etc., and that would help a little. But I couldn’t seem to completely rid myself of the issues. I went to the doctor for some of the problems (thinking they were totally unrelated), but I didn't get answers. I got pregnant with Kinsley and by month 3 I told my husband, I HAVE to do SOMETHING! I had been praying for God’s healing (He’s able!) or Him to bring an answer to me. But the pregnancy on top of it all just made me desperate. I had heard about Plexus about 6 months prior and said to myself, “oh, another weight loss fad that is full of nasty ingredients.” Boy was I wrong. One day I was looking through my Instagram and scrolled past a pregnant lady drinking Slim. I did a double take. Why would a pregnant lady be drinking a weight loss drink?! And what kind product is safe to drink while pregnant?!? I started looking into it. I researched ingredients, stories, people’s lives that were selling it, and looked for anything bad I could find about it. I was SKEPTIC… but hopeful. The lady’s post shared that she had her OB’s approval, had no pregnancy cravings, didn’t gain unnecessary weight, no swelling, slept well, had a healthy pregnancy and energy, and felt great! As I researched the products, I realized that what she was taking had really great ingredients and, if they worked, could really help me. I ended up getting a 7 day sample of the Slim. By day 3 I noticed I wasn’t craving donuts all day every day anymore and I had ENERGY- like I hadn’t had even when I wasn’t pregnant! I was sold! It’s also when I decided I would share the products with anyone who would listen…I knew too many people who felt bad too! October 2017 I will have been using the products for 2 years and I can’t say enough about them! They have been a Godsend! Not only have the things I was looking for help with been helped, I haven’t suffered with seasonal allergies the last two years, my iron levels have been normal (even after a C-section!), I’m regular for the first time in my life, I don’t go to bed feeling sick every night, I don’t crave sugar like I used to, and my immune system has built back up (no more bronchitis 1-2 times a year!). What a blessing Plexus has been to my health!

Health & Happiness

In a nutshell, Plexus is a health and wellness company with a line of natural products that help with keeping blood sugar, lipids and cholesterol at healthy levels, inflammation, gut health, pain management, healthy weight management, and immune and nutrition support.

What's the big deal about blood sugar?

Gut health?

  • Even if you aren’t diabetic or pre-diabetic, having stable blood sugar is very important. At the very least, unchecked blood sugar leads to unhealthy cravings, lack of energy, midday crashes, brain fog, and more. On a larger scale, it is tied to inflammation, heart and brain health, and cell damage. Keeping you blood sugar level will help you feel better through your day and help prevent future health issues.
  • Over the last year or two, more and more are learning the importance of a healthy gut. Over 40 diseases are linked to gut health and 60-80% of our immune system is in the gut.  These two facts alone should make us want to keep it healthy! I believe many people feel bad on a daily basis, but just don’t know why, and it is most likely linked to their gut health!

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