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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Can’t believe it’s already almost another year!

The last few months have been busy, emotional, fun, and relaxing. We were in ND celebrating the life of my grandpa in October, met up in Florida with my parents and siblings and their families in November, and spent Christmas at home with our kids. After having a morning Christmas Eve service, we hosted a brunch for my husband’s family in the evening (who else loves breakfast food all day long?!) and had a great night.

A few pictures to share with you 😉

After the busyness and excitement that happens the last few months in the year, I always look forward to flipping the calendar over to a new year. To me there is something special about fresh notebooks and pens at the beginning of a school year, and I feel the same way going into a new year. That being said, I love this quote.

It’s so true. A cleanse, another year, new workout clothes, fresh planners, and crisp self help books won’t last long if your mindset and behaviors haven’t changed. If you are too comfortable in your comfort zone. Do you believe in yourself? Are you ready to get back up after failing (because you will)? Are you ready to make “it” a priority? Do you care what people think, or are you ready to move away from those who will tell you your goals are not important?

Paul and I have been focusing on becoming debt free.  We have taken the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University classes and are working on doing the debt snowball from his plan (great resource if you are looking for a way to find financial freedom!).  The beginning of 2018 is going to be a fresh push to gain as much ground as we can in the coming year. So…we’ve decided to do a no spend challenge.

I read the No-Spend Challenge Guide by Jen Smith and after talking with my husband, we decided to take the plunge. You set your own guidelines and timeframe when doing a challenge. Some do the challenge for a month, but we are doing it for 3.  Our goals with doing this are to change behaviors, pay off debt faster, and stick to our budget each month.  I really don’t believe behaviors change in just a month so that is why we extended ours.  Who knows, we may continue for the year!

The things we are cutting out spending on in our no spend challenge are:

•Eating out
•Clothes (unless our children have growth spurts or needs, and those will be budgeted for if that time comes)
•Home decor

Our biggest budget breaker is eating out and will be the hardest for us to break. Weekends when we are running errands, Friday nights when we feel like ordering pizza, spur of the moment play dates, forgotten lunches not taken to work are just a few ways we struggle in this area. Planning and sticking to the plan will be what gets us through it.

Will we fail once, twice, or 5 times? Probably.. but our goal is 100% and to keep going. We have friends and family cheering us on (and maybe doing it with us?), big God dreams on the horizon, and 2 little sets of eyes watching. I’m excited, a little nervous, but ready to go.

What are some of your 2018 goals and dreams? Let’s encourage and inspire each other as we enter the new year!!


<3 Marietta

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