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I wrote a post a few weeks ago that mentioned being a mom is hard.  We worry about every aspect of our kids turning out.  We hope they become a productive citizen, are happy, cause others to be happy, be the best person they can be, are healthy, learn to trust and follow after God…so many things out of our control.  Many things we have to just teach, pray, and trust … and let go.

One thing we can somewhat control is how healthy they are right now. If you have a son like mine, he’s a very picky eater and I worry he doesn’t get the nutrients he needs.  Something I’ve committed to doing is giving him supplements that fill the void, Xfactor Chewables and a Probio5 for his probiotic.  These have been life changer for us – not as much sickness in this house for sure!  So it’s no surprise that I’m super excited Plexus has introduced a reformulated Xfactor Kids that is a multivitamin AND probiotic in one!! And, it is the same price as the Xfactor was by itself! This makes it EASIER and CHEAPER! #momwin 🙂 On this blog I am committed to sharing things I love and that have made my life and mommin’ easier.  I do share Plexus as a means to pay for my own products and help out my family financially, but wouldn’t share something if I didn’t absolutely believe in it and believe others could benefit!

The quote I used on this picture is so true.  We can be the parent that says, “do as I say, not as I do,” or we can show them by our actions.  Kids tend to become a lot like their parents when they grow up.  How many times as a mom do you say, “Wow, that sounded jut like my mom!”  It’s not a bad thing.  Their tendencies usually become ours.  But what can be a bad thing is not taking care of ourselves, which can take away from our children and lead to the same in them as they grow into adults.  I am on a continuous journey of becoming the woman God created me to be…my best me.  Part of that looks like taking care of myself physically (have a long way to go!).  A soapbox of mine is women being healthy in every area of their life.  Balance is so key.

Below I am sharing all the nitty-gritty about this new all in one combo.  If you are a researcher like me, you’ll like seeing what it is all about.  If you give your kids a multi, check what it offers compared to this one.  We all care about our kids and this is one way we can do our best by them!!

And moms, take care of yourself as you work to give your kids the best!


<3 Marietta


Short video HERE.

ALL the details here (8 pages of info!).  Worth your read! Once you click the link, click to download the pdf.


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