Grandpa’s Legacy

How can one feel deep sorrow and rejoicing all in a breath?
As children we’d climb up on your lap to hear your stories
We’d giggle at your silliness when you’d pop out your teeth
And we loved the warmth of your hugs
As adults, we knew we had an example to follow
Love people and give all for the work of Christ
Your wit and laugh, even at your own jokes
Your sorrow at our losses and hurt
And still again, we felt the warmth of your hugs
We know the life you forfeited to do whatever it took to tell people of Jesus
How you stepped off your tractor and a long road you traveled
Not just a good story to tell, but a precedent for us to follow
We felt your love and your prayers, they never faltered
Only heaven knows how they helped alter many courses gone wrong
Not only was your family changed by your life, but countless others counted the cost because of your words
You never met a stranger, but greater than that, you made them feel like a friend
“Seek first the kingdom of God” and “only what’s done for Christ will last”
Phrases we all heard you say, but more importantly a legacy you lived
This is how one can feel deep sorrow and rejoicing all in a breath
Sorrow for the life, prayers, wisdom, and hugs we will miss
Rejoicing to know “Well done” is what you’ve heard and your life’s race was won
I love you Grandpa and will miss you…see you soon!
<3 Marietta
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4 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Legacy

  1. Another one, “don’t forget who’s kid you are!” I think all of us can agree we will never forget who’s kids we are even all the adopted “kids.”

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