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I seriously LOVE fall, though I’d be much obliged if it decided to stay around a few months longer. Cooler weather, sweaters, boots, changing leaves, pumpkin patches, hayrides, apple cider… and OF COURSE pumpkin spice. I know, #basic 😆.

So deciding to really dump sugar and processed foods, among other things, for 30 days right when all of this is taking place, made me a bit sad. No pumpkin spice lattes, no more pumpkin donuts, no cheese filled soups for 30 days…may have caused me to stutter a bit.

A group of friends and I decided it was time to do a Whole 30. Have any of you tried it? Paul and I did a partial one a few years back.  Partial because I found out I was pregnant and my pregnancy tastebuds weren’t having it anymore, ha! For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s basically an elimination diet where you only eat whole foods (you can find all of the guidelines at whole30.com).

So back to all things fall and pumpkin. I decided to try my hand at this Whole30 Pumpkin Custard to start out my 30 days, and not feel like I was missing the season.



There it is, hot out of the oven.  What did I think?  If you’ve done a Whole30 or cut out sugar, you understand that “sweets” are not very sweet at all.  This is no different.  It has the consistency (to me) of pumpkin pie, which I really like.  I tried it warm from the oven, which was ok, but like it best cold.  I enjoyed it this morning with coffee and pumpkin spice Nutpods creamer.  I have a feeling if I make it again on about day 20, it will taste a lot sweeter after days of no added sugar.



Let me know what you think.  Will you try the Whole30 or this recipe?  Hope you all are having a beautiful fall so far!


<3 Marietta



With the passing of my Grandfather and our trip out to North Dakota, I stopped doing the Whole30.  There was a lot to focus on so I decided to put a hold on it and do it again at another time.  If I had been further along into it (week 3 or 4 instead of week 1), I would have worked at continuing on because a lot of the habits would have been easier to do without thinking.  I will hopefully get one in in 2018! 🙂

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