Hi and welcome to Smith Casa!! My name is Marietta (muh-ree-tuh 😉) and I am a stay at home mom living life with my hubby, Paul, and my kiddos, Reagan and Kinsley. I started blogging as an outlet to share my random thoughts, life as a mom, and hopefully be an encouragement to others. I'm not the most amazing writer and I don't have it all together, but my goal is to be real and maybe help someone else. I truly believe a¬†woman can make or break a family and we need to be healthy mind, body, and soul! "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

The name Smith Casa may seem strange to most, knowing my family is not of Hispanic descent, but it's a natural fit. My husband and I both took 3 years of Spanish in high school and some in college (I know, fluent right?). We dated and got married and Paul would "talk" in Spanish constantly...and by talk, I mean make up his own words 65% of the time. As we moved into our first home, he liked to invite people to "Smith Casa," and our house, wherever we are living at the time, was named from that point on. When I decided to make changes with my blog (formally cherished2911.com), I was trying to come up with a name that encompassed what it would be about.. my life, my family, my interests, my business.. and it all comes back to home. So, here we are...Smith Casa.

Come with me for the perfectly imperfect ride and I hope we can become friends along the way!!