Mommin’ Just Got a Little Easier

  I wrote a post a few weeks ago that mentioned being a mom is hard.  We worry about every aspect of our kids turning out.  We hope they become a productive citizen, are happy, cause others to be happy, be the best person they can be, are healthy, learn to trust and follow after … Read more

Choosing the Good Part

  My kids are both sleeping.  That is really huge.  Like that never happens anymore.  And the sun is shining on me and a gorgeous Autumn breeze is coming through my kitchen window.  I try to live a thankful life, but there are just moments that overwhelm me with thankfulness.  Sometimes all a mom needs … Read more

Grandpa’s Legacy

How can one feel deep sorrow and rejoicing all in a breath? As children we’d climb up on your lap to hear your stories We’d giggle at your silliness when you’d pop out your teeth And we loved the warmth of your hugs As adults, we knew we had an example to follow Love people … Read more

Fall Whole30

  I seriously LOVE fall, though I’d be much obliged if it decided to stay around a few months longer. Cooler weather, sweaters, boots, changing leaves, pumpkin patches, hayrides, apple cider… and OF COURSE pumpkin spice. I know, #basic . So deciding to really dump sugar and processed foods, among other things, for 30 days right … Read more

You’re Doing a Good Job, Momma

  Motherhood is hard. Hard isn’t necessarily bad.. it’s just… hard. I didn’t think it would be a piece of cake when my husband and I would dream about our future family. I knew it wasn’t going to be all fun and games. I knew that.  But I didn’t realize how hard some days would … Read more